Ac Unit Plug Doesnt Match Wall Outlet Window Air

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There is a standard wall outlet a few feet to the right of the outlet. Can I just plug my ac unit into that? Will my circuit breakers keep flipping off? Will it help if I plug the unit into a surge protector? This is the first summer I have been in the house we are renting , and never thought about it when we moved in..However, larger units that have higher energy requirements need a committed outlet to handle the electrical current required for operation. If you already have a committed outlet for your AC unit, you ll want to try to select a replacement with the same ratings and plug type to eliminate the need of having a .As the title states, my wall mounted AC unit s plug is about a foot or less away from the outlet. Air Conditioning Tips . But as an alternative, if your AC doesn t have a built in GFCI, you might be able to solve your problem and add some protection with something like this in line GFCI which will provide the .I do have a amp outlet on its own breaker ft away but would need an extension cord to plug in. I would do that, using a heavy gauge extension cord, long enough to see if the A C unit s cord heats up that way. It should If the outlet doesn t get hot when you do that, then you ve isolated the problem..