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  • Bbq Becky Know Your Meme

    White Woman Calling the Cops refers to a series of photoshop memes of a woman in sunglasses calling the police in a park on a group of African American people having a cookout in an Oakland, Ca park..

  • Oaklands Bbq Becky Was Evaluated For Hold

    Jennifer Schulte, the Oakland, CA woman virally known as “BBQ Becky,” was evaluated for an involuntary psychiatric hold after she called police to report a group of black men for having a BBQ in a public park..

  • Bbq Becky Woman Photoshopped Into Black History

    A white woman who complained to police about a black family’s BBQ has turned into a meme called ‘BBQ Becky’.

  • Bbq Becky Permit Patty And Why The Internet Is

    BBQ Becky, Permit Patty and why the Internet is shaming white people who police people ‘simply for being black’ Footage of BBQBetty and PermitPatty captured on smartphones and spread instantly on social media is a new form of shaming that’s exposed the everyday racism black Americans face and brought swift .