Bedrooms With Grey Walls

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Image Result For Bedrooms With Grey Walls

Image Result For Bedrooms With Grey Walls

Get inspired with these gray bedroom decorating ideas from top designers..Grey bedroom ideas from the super glam to the ultra modern. Invite a cosy feel with warm greys. Image credit Dominic Blackmore. Choose a chic combo. Image credit Tim Young. Choose the right shade of grey. Wow without colour. Add zing with lime. Give grey a rustic feel. Be inspired by hotel chic. Search for the blue .A darker shade of grey would be more suitable for an accent wall. In the bedroom, it s usually the wall against which the headboard rests that is painted in a color different than the other walls. If you choose grey, then you can opt for white for the bedding and even the bed itself..

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    The bedroom is a retreat. A place for relaxation, pampering and most of all sleep, its walls are often forgotten in tired wallpaper and outdated skirting boards..

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    I have re carpeted my upstairs in a warm mid grey carpet. The walls are currently white and I had planned to do them all a light grey Dulux Polishe.

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