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Image Result For Chan

Image Result For Chan

  • Japanese Honorifics Wikipedia

    Sama is a more respectful version for people of a higher rank than oneself or divine, toward one’s guests or customers such as a sports venue announcer addressing members of the au.nce , and sometimes toward people one greatly admires..

  • Urban Dictionary Chan

    Chan is usually used when . the person is a small child, ie, younger sibling or friends sibling . the person is cute, usually younger, usually a girl . can be used on pet cats, dogs, etc .

  • Chan

    News FAQ Rules Recent Events by NX @ PM CET We are only going to say this once, so pay attention. We realize that you guys are going to be edgy edgelords, and post things that fit .

  • Chan Wiktionary

    chan plural chans Internet, informal An IRC channel. , “Dominic Donegan”, Is there a nethack chan on IRC? on newsgroup .