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Happy New Year! Are you ready to start another year of holiday fun? I am! Every day is a drinking holiday opportunity. It s all about putting a .July is full of drinking and eating holidays. Don t miss out on all the fun. Links direct to recipes that pair with each holiday. July ..We can look forward to Whiskey Sour Day, Red Wine Day, and Birth of Champagne Day, IPA Day, Beer Day, Rum Day, and Aviation Day during the month of August . For all the rest we can do our best to come up with cocktails that pair with the day. Romance Awareness Month romance .There is so much to celebrate during the month of September . Don t miss out on the many drinking holidays. Start this month s drinking .

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    Today, September , marks the day for the fastest drinking record Dustin Phillips of the United States consumed a ounce bottle of Ketchup through a ” straw in seconds flat ten years ago..