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Excoriate, which first appeared in English in the th century, comes from “excoriatus,” the past participle of the Late Latin verb excoriare, meaning “to strip off the hide.” “Excoriare” was itself formed from a pairing of the Latin prefix ex , meaning “out,” and corium, meaning “skin” or “hide” or “leather.”.Definition of excoriate damage or remove part of the surface of the skin , criticize someone severely..Synonyms of excoriate include denounce, decry, and condemn. In a medical sense, excoriate means “to tear skin off by chafing.” A bad rug burn can excoriate your skin. If someone excoriates you verbally, it might make you feel like you ve been physically excoriated. Definitions of excoriate..

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    Excoriate definition is to wear off the skin of abrade. How to use excoriate in a sentence. Did You Know? to wear off the skin of abrade to censure scathingly to criticize someone or something very harshly See the full definition. SINCE . Menu. JOIN MWU.

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    Excoriate definition, to denounce or berate severely flay verbally He was excoriated for his mistakes. See more..

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    Usage Note Traditionally, one excoriates people, not things, but in recent years the verb has been given a wider variety of objects, and the Usage Panel does not object. In our survey, percent of the Panel accepted the sentence The party’s national convention and its platform were excoriated by a contemptuous press, where the verb .

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    When it comes to “telling someone off,” excoriate is reserved for the most severe cases. So, before you excoriate your little sister for borrowing your favorite jacket without permission, consider whether she truly deserves such harsh treatment..