Jonbenet Ramsey

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    JonBen t Patricia Ramsey d n b n e p t r r m z i was an American child beauty queen who was killed in her family’s home in Boulder, Colorado..

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    Who Was JonBen t Ramsey? Little beauty queen JonBen t Ramsey was born on , in Atlanta, Georgia. The daughter of affluent parents Patsy and John Ramsey.

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    Nearly years after year old JonBen t Ramsey was found murdered in her home in Boulder, Colo. in , bizarre factors surrounding the unsolved case continue to raise questions and grab .

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    Shortly after a.m. on , Patsy Ramsey woke up in her Boulder, Colorado home to find a ransom note. The note, addressed to her husband John, stated that their six year old daughter JonBen t had been kidnapped..