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Keith Jackson, who was the folksy uncle of sportscasters, dropping in for decades to weave stories during Saturday afternoon college football games on ABC, has d.. Keith Jackson, the signature voice of college football for five decades on ABC and ESPN punctuated with his folksy Georgia twang despite having lived most of his professional broadcasting life in the San Fernando Valley,d Friday night at the age of , the network confirmed. No cause of was . Keith Jackson, the folksy voice of college football who for decades wove backwoods wit throughout his Saturday afternoon broadcasts on ABC,d Jan. . He was . ESPN first announced his. Other details were not immediately available. In a year broadcasting career, Mr. Jackson covered a . He joined ABC in , and many of his most memorable calls were in the biggest college football games. There were signature catch phrases, most notably “Whoa, Nellie!” and his booming folksy voice became the anthem of a sport. Jackson initially announced his retirement in , but continued to work .