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More than a year ago, Nevada row prisoner Scott Dozier gave up his legal appeals and asked to be executed. He s still waiting..After spending a decade on row, Scott Dozier is asking to be executed “I don t want to. I just would rather be dead than do this.” But his decision is .Meet Scott Dozier, the Man Who Wants Nevada to Execute Him. More than a year ago, Nevada row prisoner Scott Dozier gave up his legal appeals and .Scott Dozier. Scott Raymond Dozier dor was an American murderer on row in Nevada for the murder of year old Jeremiah Miller, who was one of Dozier s drug associates..

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    TOP. Opinion. TANEY, C.J., Opinion of the Court. Mr. Chief Justice TANEY delivered the opinion of the court. This case has been twice argued. After the argument at the last term, differences of opinion were found to exist among the members of the court, and as the questions in controversy are of the highest importance, and the court was at that time much pressed by the ordinary business of the .

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