Naughty Daniel Daddys Little Girl Quotev

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Daddys little girl. Naughty Daniel. Del. Kat s P.O.V. Arriving home around pm Zayn dropped us off as soon as we all stopped talking..”thank you” She all but yelled gesh. “Oh, Niall asked about you today” I said winking. “Did Daniel show you the pic?” “Yes it s so cute, to bad Ashley has got my .Kat has moved around a lot countries actually for her fathers job . “How s my little girl” he asked while twirling me around bear hugging me. I didn t have many friends actually one to be precise Daniel. . Deja vu, Naughty Daniel, His Girl, Jealousy, Game on, The Games, Friends to Family to Enemies .Most daughters would be worried, trying to get a hold of the fathers but no one actually cares enough about me to say anything, only Daniel .