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Honestly, I loved it above our bed, I m convinced it s universally a great piece of art for any bedroom It s already back in the guest room equally . Our last bedroom was pretty amped up in the art department, with a whole sprawling As soon as we cleared the room, and painted the walls much lighter We plan on getting new blinds and mounting them on the inside with but not abstract Could you please share the size of the print frame and matt.. About a month ago I came across talented artist, Clare Elsaesser s, Etsy shop, I was hunting for an affordable frame that I liked that felt clean and modern Anyone else found a new favorite artist or add art to their bedroom?. Above our bed got a few new additions, as well. IMG_. A couple I knew I wanted a lot of art in our bedroom it s not for everyone, but it is for us. Goodness, is it for us! New Abstract Art In the Bedroom. .

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