The Nun Trailer Promises The Darkest Conjuring Movie

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Image Result For The Nun Trailer Promises The Darkest Conjuring Movie

The demon nun Valak, introduced in The Conjuring , now features in a movie of its own as The Nun follows the story of a priest Demian Bichir and his assistant Taissa Farmiga as they travel to from the Vatican to Romania to investigate a nun s mysterious and wind up encountering the supernatural figure..As promised, the first trailer for The Nun has landed online today and it teases The Conjuring universe is probably one of the most interesting movie franchises in A priest “with a haunted past” and a novitiate nun must then unearth the dark .The first teaser trailer for The Nun is here and promises the “darkest” chapter in the Conjuring Universe. The footage looks right out of Wan s Conjuring films, detailing Taissa Farmiga TV s “American Horror Story” as a nun who has been seeing visions of a demonic nun since she was a child..Movies. The Nun Poster Promises the Darkest Chapter In the Now, Fandango is getting us hyped for tomorrow s trailer debut with the official .

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