Treasure Map In Risky Reels

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Image Result For Treasure Map In Risky Reels

Image Result For Treasure Map In Risky Reels

Struggling to complete the treasure map challenge in the first week of Fortnite season ? We ll show you where to go..Risky Reels treasure map location. Risky Reels is located in the far north west of the map, and was a region added as part of Season . However, you don t need to go here first to complete this treasure map location. The location you need to go is just a stone s throw away just south of Tomato Town, in map segment G .On the long, long path to complete your battle pass, you ll have to start with week one, and there s an old favorite type of challenge that has popped up today. That would be finding a treasure map in Risky Reels, and then following it to the location of a hidden battle star on the map..Fortnite Season s challenges are playable on PS, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. Here s how to find the treasure using the Risky Reels map..

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    Deal damage with a Pickaxe to opponents Search Chests in Risky Reels Consume Foraged items Score a goal on different pitches Follow the treasure map found inHARD.

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