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    Stats is an abbreviation of the word ‘statistics’. ‘Statistics’ is the collection, organization and interpretation of numerical data. websites use ‘statistics’ to aprehend with the eye just how many bo.s of persons are calling on socially to the website..

  • Urban Dictionary Stat

    Standing Tall And Talented. Doctor The patient is seizing he could herniate his brain push MG’s lorazepam IV STAT! Anesthetist Yes sir pushing IV lorazepam now! Dude Girlfriend is being a bitch today and won’t hook up with me I need a beer STAT! Broski Right on it bro!.

  • Urban Dictionary C Stat

    College Station, TX home of Texas A M University, adjacent to Bryan, TX. buy the domain for your diy vlog.

  • Urban Dictionary A Stat

    ASAP stat = astat ASAP = As Soon As Possible stat = immediately, without delay I need a Wendys double cheeseburger , astat. Hey bros , we need more attractive women in here, astat..