Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption

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  • Yellowstone Supervolcano What Would Happen If It

    Yellowstone National Park sits atop a supervolcano. Even though the area’s still active, scientists don’t think Yellowstone’s supervolcano will erupt anytime soon at .

  • A Surprise From The Supervolcano Under Yellowstone

    Yellowstone’s last supereruption occurred , years ago. And it’s not the planet’s only buried supervolcano. Scientists suspect that a supereruption scars the planet every , years, causing many to ask when we can next expect such an .

  • Yellowstone Volcano Frequently Asked Questions

    The Yellowstone Caldera was created by a massive volcanic eruption approximately , years ago. Subsequent lava flows filled in much of the caldera, and it is now measured at miles. Its rim can best be seen from the Washburn Hot Springs overlook, south of Dunraven Pass. Gibbon Falls, Lewis Falls, Lake Butte, and Flat Mountain Arm of Yellowstone Lake are .

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