Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption

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AN ABNORMAL “river” of lava deep underneath Yellowstone s supervolcano could cause it to erupt at any time and “wipe out western America”, scientists have warned. It is feared that the Yellowstone volcano would completely wipe out from the National Park down miles to Mexico and kill millions with .FEARS of Yellowstone volcano plunging the world into the darkness of a deadly volcanic winter are on the rise after a period of intense activity struck the super volcano. Volcano experts have now warned of the horrors a Yellowstone eruption could unleash one day..A YELLOWSTONE Volcano eruption is touted to be theoretically one of the most cataclysmic natural disasters which could one day torment the planet. But what would really happen if the Yellowstone volcano erupted?.SORRY ABOUT LOW FPS I know that Yellowstone eruption will be much more powerful than this, but this is .

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