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    Irregular bedtimes may disrupt healthy brain development in young children, according to a study of intelligence and sleeping habits. Going to bed at a different time each night affected girls more than boys, but both fared worse on mental tasks than .

  • Youngun Wiktionary

    Southern US, Britain West Country, informal child , Elizabeth Metzger Howard, Before the Sun Goes Down, p. “Jesus Christ! Was my folks refined. My mam she wouldn’t think a lettin’ us young’uns call a pee pot a pee pot. A chamber’s what she called it And by God! Us young’uns had ter call the pee pot a chamber or git our God damn .

  • Wren Wikipedia

    The wrens are mostly small, brownish passerine birds in the mainly New World family Troglodytidae.The family includes species divided into genera.Only the Eurasian wren occurs in the Old World, where in Anglophone regions, it is commonly known simply as the “wren”, as it is the originator of the name.The name wren has been applied to other, unrelated birds, particularly the New Zealand .