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  • Who Was Zhou Youguang Google Celebrates Linguist

    Known as ‘the Father of Pinyin,’ Youguang spent three years developing the system of ‘spelled sounds’ that is now the international standard for Romanised Chinese.

  • Zhou Youguang Meet The Man Who Developed

    The man responsible for developing the phonetic translations of Chinese characters is being celebrated this week by Google, with a doodle. Zhou Youguang would be years old Saturday..

  • Recommended Romanization Related Books In English

    Recommended romanization related books in English. Those who want to go directly to the readings themselves, rather than browse through the tables of contents of the books below to find the sample chapters and other excerpts, can jump to the list of readings available on this site..

  • Changzhou Wikipedia

    “The Ruins of Yancheng” , comprise the remains of a walled city located in the Wujin district of Changzhou that was founded over years ago at the beginning of the Western Zhou dynasty..